A video series that follows a chapter of the Brotherhood of Steel

[Video] Fallout 4 Outbreak: Episode 1

Hey everyone! I just wanted to post this new video for Fallout 4 Outbreak! What is Fallout 4 Outbreak you ask? Fallout 4 Outbreak is my new Let’s Play that brings the Fallout universe and zombies together and explains how it happened, and what the character main role is.

Jake has been assigned a special task by Elder Maxson of the Brotherhood of Steel. This task was to setup a foothold in the commonwealth, and investigate the heinous reasoning behind the increased number of Feral Ghoul attacks. Maxson feels that the institute is behind all of this and wants them erased from existence.

This is the story of Fallout 4 Outbreak! Please check out the video below and leave a like and comment for me, let me know what you think.

You can click here to go to Fallout 4 Outbreak Episode 2

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